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...bring in the troops

Many Philadelphians are keen to help and will travel across our city to lend a hand, but it's not always easy to know how. Register on this site and add your event to the community calendar.

Terrill Haigler

Follow a guide

Learn from those that have been there and done that... Philly sanitation worker Terrill Haigler (a.k.a @YaFavTrashman) created this helpful guide

Get help from the City or the State

The City of Philadelphia provides several services to assist local community groups in organizing cleanups. In particular, they will lend equipment (Shovels, rakes, etc.) and will provide a pickup service for any litter and garbage your team collected.

Find out more about the Community Partnership Program

Once you have your cleanup planned you can request resources online here.

Outside of the City resources, the State also has support programs for community cleanups - see Pick Up PA as an example.

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